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了解数据中心物理安全控制的真正实力和有效性, 办公室, 变电站, 关键基础设施等

Benefits of Performing a Red团队 Physical Penetration Test

虽然许多企业在保护他们的网络和应用程序免受虚拟网络攻击的威胁方面做得很好, 许多组织没有考虑到他们所在位置可能遭受的物理攻击所带来的风险.  Physical threats that could be simulated include bypassing door 锁, 偷的设备, or using social engineering to convince an employee to let them inside a server room.  

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 没有强大的物理安全, 任何网络安全专业人士均不得声称提供真正的信息安全或有效的安全控制. Red团队安全的物理Penetration Testing专家确切地知道,不良行为者是如何获得对敏感信息的物理访问的, 安全领域. They use this experience to provide recommendations to improve access controls and, 因此, 整体安全态势.

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您将认识到Red 团队物理Penetration Testing服务的两个主要好处:

  • 暴露脆弱的物理障碍: Red团队安全的安全评估将暴露物理安全漏洞,如围栏中的漏洞, 门挂得不正确, 以及没有遵循的程序.
  • 理解风险: As part of the vulnerability assessment, Red团队安全 will perform simulated attacks against physical barriers, 这将提供任何安全弱点给您的业务带来何种损害的概念. 当公司知道他们可能面临的损害程度时,他们可以优先考虑补救行动.

Red团队安全将提供补救建议,以改进组织的整体安全计划. Red团队安全物理Penetration Testing将扩展您的安全意识程序,包括测试程序, 警报和门禁系统, 以及物理屏障,保护位于您物理位置的敏感信息.

物理Penetration Testing

Red团队安全's Physical Penetration Test Solution

Red团队安全的物理笔测试解决方案揭示了物理屏障和支持它们的系统中的真实世界的漏洞, 为了保护员工, 敏感信息, 和昂贵的硬件. 物理笔测试专家制造模拟攻击,模拟犯罪分子可能采取的行动,以获得未经授权的访问敏感设备, 数据中心, 或敏感信息. Some of the tested barriers might include doors and , fences, intrusion alarms, or even security guards and other employees. Red团队的道德黑客可能会利用社会工程技术来说服善意的员工为他们提供本不应该拥有的访问权限. They might even gain access to a meeting room and pick up credentials, 访问徽章, 或者信息被忽视.

冰球突破试玩团队清楚地知道犯罪分子是如何进入计算机系统和建筑物的. 在物理Penetration Testing期间,安全顾问可以依靠其中的任何一种或所有这些方法来获得对指定位置的访问权限,并确定一旦获得访问权限可能造成的损害.  A security consultant will take photos of:

  • 旁路门 - If the building uses an electronic key or combination lock, 冰球突破试玩可能会克隆一个徽章, 利用广泛可用的主密钥, or may use special tools on improperly hung doors to gain access.  If doors or windows are left propped open or are unlocked, those may be leveraged as an easy method to gain access.
  • 绕过物理障碍 —如果一个地点有围栏, 盖茨, 或其他物理障碍, 冰球突破试玩可能会翻越围栏, 利用围栏的缺口, or bypass gate controls using publicly available techniques.  
  • 找出窃取信息的方法 - Once Red团队安全 has gained access to a location, 冰球突破豪华版试玩仪将观察获取机密或敏感信息的方法.  This could include identifying unattended computers with active sessions, 放弃访问卡, computer screens with confidential data facing common areas, 或者垃圾里的敏感信息.

    Note:  Red团队安全 does not remove equipment; they will take a photo as evidence of damage that could be done.  
  • 在公共场合使用网络插孔 —安全工程师可能试图通过社区内的网络插孔连接设备,从而连接到公司网络.e., conference rooms, break rooms) to identify opportunities to harm.
  • 进入敏感地区 -冰球突破试玩物理安全专家可能试图进入建筑物的敏感区域, 包括服务器机房, 行政办公室, 或者其他确定的位置.  If a bad actor gained access to this room, they could easily disable the machines. They might also use unattended peripherals to steal data or introduce a virus.
  • 检查垃圾 -冰球突破豪华版试玩仪可以查看员工丢弃的材料的类型,以及公司是否有粉碎政策和可用的碎纸机. 如果这类信息被扔进垃圾箱,犯罪分子就会发现很容易被盗.
  • 社会工程 -社会工程技术可以通过尾随或利用借口误导员工,说服他们允许访问建筑或敏感信息或建筑内的位置,从而获得访问位置的权限.
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了解更多关于冰球突破试玩的 Physical 冰球突破豪华版试玩方法.


A Red团队安全 Physical Physical Penetration Test Report provides detailed, 可操作的信息,帮助改善组织的物理安全控制和整体安全态势. 报告将包括:

  • 在项目信息收集和勘察阶段了解到的信息.
  • 详细步骤, 方法, and pretexts used during the execution of the physical penetration testing engagement
  • Identification of successful and unsuccessful actions
  • Evidence of security risks or mitigations observed during the engagement
  • Recommendation for how to reduce risks going forward

This information will provide a roadmap for the next steps to reduce risk.

Protect your physical assets against social engineering threats
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While businesses have focused upon securing networks, 应用程序, 和电脑对抗在线攻击, 42%的安全专业人士表示,他们非常担心可能来自攻击者的物理威胁 踢开一扇门 to simply convincing a credentialed employee to let them in. 最强大的在线安全系统将无法保护企业免受这类物理或混合攻击.

举个例子, 一项研究 发现至少74个,000 data breaches involved simply stealing a laptop or other device from an employee, 承包商, 或其他利益相关者. Of course, the companies lost more than laptops or phones; they also lost data and credentials.

另一个例子, 犯罪分子将受感染的u盘留在停车场,让毫无戒心的员工获取并插入网络插槽. 这起事件发生在一个安全的美国机场.S. 在中东的军事基地. The virus spread through both unsecured and secured systems in multiple countries.

Physical penetration testing provides your organization with a 发现和补救的机会 any physical security vulnerabilities. 首先,可以预约Red团队的安全顾问,在线或打电话讨论他们的担忧 612-234-7848. Red团队安全 can also provide security teams to provide network, 应用程序, and online social engineering attacks.

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使用冰球突破豪华版试玩的范围调查问卷,为冰球突破豪华版试玩提供必要的信息,为您提供一份提案. Please be as thorough as possible with your responses, as it helps us ensure an accurate and complete proposal.
If you're interested in 应用程序 penetration testing, you may find this article helpful when formulating your responses: Understanding Application Complexity For 冰球突破豪华版试玩.

If you have any questions, contact us at (952) 836-2770 or 安排一个会议. We will follow up promptly once we receive your responses. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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冰球突破豪华版试玩值得信赖的安全专业人士持有来自领先行业组织的认证, 包括OSCP, 卡斯商学院, CPT, CISSP,更.




Once your team addresses remediation recommendations, Red团队 will schedule your retest at no additional charge.
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